Formie 1.3.0

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It's been just over 4 months since Formie was released into the wild, and it's been great to see and hear how you've been enjoying the plugin. With 124 new features, 37 Improvements and 213 bug fixes, we're nowhere near stopping!

Formie 1.3.0 is out now with a number of new features and improvements.

Email notification conditions

Formie notification conditions

Conditional handling for email notifications has been a big feature we've wanted to tackle since the beginning. Now, you can create complex rules for sending (or not sending) email notifications based on the content of the submission.

Default values for fields

Screen Shot 2020 11 25 at 11 36 33 am

We've added dynamic variables for the "Default Value" for fields, allowing you to populate fields with user data (if there is a logged-in user). Super-handy for populating email fields to save your users time.

Sent Notifications

Formie sent notifications

Keep track of every email notification, their content, when it was sent and any metadata related to the email. Of course, it wouldn't be useful unless you could re-send the email again on-demand! You can pick to either send the notification to the same recipient, or define a new one (or multiple new ones).

There's also bulk re-sending. Neat!

All-new phone field


Internationalisation is hard. Historically, we've had a real pain-point with using telephone fields due to their validation issues and handling other countries. Fortunately we've re-worked our Phone field to not only include better validation, but we think it looks pretty neat.

Phone fields now have a country dropdown embedded in the input, rather than a separate dropdown. It also adds the flag and country code to the input. There's also better validation, country restriction and more.

We're using the excellent intl-tel-input library, which in turn uses Google's libphonenumber resources.

Pre-populate fields from URL query string

Just another handy way to populate form values, this time from the query string parameters in a URL. Each field can be configured with a corresponding query string parameter, meaning you don't have to have them matching field handles.

Privacy & Data Retention

We've also added a few settings related to privacy and data retention:

  • How long to keep submissions stored for (hours, days, weeks, month, years)
  • When deleting a user associated with a submission, you can choose to delete submissions, or transfer them to another user. Just like entries and other Craft elements.
  • Whether to retain file uploads when deleting a submission

Up next...

We're setting our sights on field and page conditions next, among other things. Be sure to keep an eye on our milestones in Github for the latest developments on the roadmap.

Until next time!