Anti Spam

The Comments plugin provides some protection against spam bots filling out your comment forms. By including the {{ craft.comments.protect() }} call in your form template, you'll be protected from the below 3 methods of spam bot submissions.

Prevent non-browser form submissions

This method ensures that your form is submitted from your website and not from a third-party website or a headless browser. This method implements behaviour similar to CSRF tokens.

Users must have JavaScript enabled

Often, when robots access your website programatically, they do not have Javascript enabled. The Javascript spam protection method tests if a user submitting your form has Javascript enabled in their browser and rejects the submission if they do not.

Prevent against robots who auto-fill all of your form fields

Many robots fill out every single form field before they submit. The honeypot method of spam prevention creates a hidden field that should not be filled in by a user on your site because they will never see the field or know it exists. When a robot automatically fills in the field and submits the form, the form submission will be denied.

Spam Guard #

While the above methods will keep the majority of spam bots at bay, you may require a more hardened solution. We would highly recommend using craft.spamguard, which itself uses Akismet to prevent spam.

Contributions #

Many thanks go out to @selvinortiz for his suggestions on the above.

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Available for Craft 2 & Craft 3.