Upgrading from v0.x#

The below items are things to be aware of, when upgrading from Craft 2 (v0.x) to Craft 3 (v1.x).


craft.comments.elements(elementType, criteria)Removed.
craft.comments.total(elementId)Use craft.comments.fetch().elementId(elementId).count() instead.
craft.comments.form(elementId, criteria)craft.comments.render(elementId, criteria)

Structure UID#

If you need to re-attach the structure, for whatever reason, you can use the following console command to re-assign the structure's UID to Comments' settings.

./craft comments/base/resave-structure


There's no longer separate templates for each status. Where you might have had:

  • comment-approved.html
  • comment-pending.html
  • ...etc

This is now handled through a single comment.html template.

Templates received a major overhaul in Comments 1.x, and it's best to refer to the latest templates (opens new window). There are too many changes to list here, and the fundamental structure and implementation of the updated templates have changed too much to guide through changes.


You can always view the Craft 2 version on GitHub (opens new window)

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Get started with Comments

Available for Craft 4. Get it from the plugin store.