Event Model #

When you're on a single event template, or looping through events using craft.events.events(), you're actually working with a Events_EventModel. This in turn extends Craft's Element Criteria Model object.

Simple Output #

Outputting a Events_EventModel object in your template without attaching a property or method will return the event’s name:

<h1>{{ event }}</h1>

Event Models have the following attributes and methods:

Attributes #

title #

The events name/title.

id #

The id of the event.

eventType #

The event's event type.

typeId #

The event's event type id.

status #

live, pending or expired based on startDate and endDate dates. Pending are events with a future startDate date.

enabled #

true or false

isEditable #

true or false

tickets #

A list of event's Ticket Models

cpEditUrl #

The url to edit this event.

urlFormat #

The url format of this event

allDay #

Ether true or false if the event is an all day event and no specific start and end time is set.

capacity #

The total capacity of tickets available for this event.

startDate #

The events start date

endDate #

The events end date

Get started with Events

Available for Craft 3. Get it from the plugin store.