Installation & Setup

Installing Feed Me is as simple as any other Craft plugin - just drop the feedme folder in your craft/plugins directory and install.

Installation #

  1. Download the latest version of Feed Me and unzip.
  2. Copy the feedme/ directory into your craft/plugins/ directory.
  3. Inside the Craft control panel, navigate to Settings → Plugins.
  4. Locate the row showing the Feed Me plugin and click Install.

Settings #

With Feed Me now installed, you'll be able to access to the plugin settings. Here you can:

  • Plugin name - just in case you're not a fan of Feed Me.
  • Cache duration - used to save request when calling via template tags.
  • Enabled tabs - you can enable/disable any tabs in the Feed Me plugin section.
  • Clear pending tasks - allowing you to clear out any stuck tasks.
  • License - enter in your license key for Pro, or use the always-free version.

Setup #

With Feed Me now installed, setup and ready to go, you'll want to add your first feed.

Get started with Feed Me

Available for Craft 2 & Craft 3, with Free and Pro versions.