Feed Me for Craft CMS

Feed Me for Craft CMS

Easily import data into Craft CMS as entries, categories, users, products and lots more. Import content from XML, RSS, ATOM or JSON feeds, at regular intervals via cron, or once-off.

Its the go-to plugin for importing your content into Craft CMS.

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Import your content into Craft

Provide your feed data as either JSON, RSS, XML, ATOM. These can also be local or remote URLs.

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Use in your templates

Use Twig tags to output feed data directly in your templates, without importing into an element.

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Site migration

Not everything needs to be a feed, and Feed Me works great for migrating sites from Wordpress, ExpressionEngine, and other CMS's to Craft CMS.

Feed Me Import Strategy

Control how your content is created

If you're running your feed multiple times, or on a set schedule, you'll need to decide what to do with duplicate elements. Feed Me allows you to choose from a mix of options — to simply add and ignore and duplicates, to update any duplicates, or to disable anything thats not in this feed.

Picking which option you require will depend on the purpose of your import.

Mapping data from feeds to fields

Feed Me features an intuitive method of matching your feed data to your fields in Craft. See all available data from your feed against the attributes and custom fields on the element you're importing into. It couldn't be simpler.

Feed Me Mapping

Supports all native fields

Feed Me supports importing into all native fields, including Matrix and Table.

Supports all native elements

Feed Me Pro supports importing into all native element — even including Craft Commerce Products/Variants. Feed Me Free only supports importing into entries.

Awesome third-party support

We've got excellent support for most third-party Fields and Element Types for Craft CMS. Looking for support? Let us know!

Feed Me- Feld Options

Lots of options for fields

Depending on the field you're importing content into, you'll be provided specific options on how to handle the data from your feed. Fields like Dropdown, Checkbox, Entry, Assets and more give you greater control over your content.

Create elements on import

When mapping to elements (Entry, Category, Product, etc), you can opt to create them if they don't already exist. Say you have multiple categories in your feed for "colour", but not all of these exists yet. Feed Me can automatically create these categories for you, and match against them next time.

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Auto-upload assets from remote urls

When importing into an asset field, you can provide full URLs and tell Feed Me to download and import this as an asset – all at once! Feed Me will also look to see if this file has already been uploaded as an asset, and won't re-upload it again.

Default content

For each field, setup a default value if no value exists in your feed. You don't even have to map anything for the default to be applied. Great for static content, date fields or setting the default author.

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Import directly into element's own fields

When mapping content to element fields (Entry, Category, Product, etc), you'll also be able to map directly to their own custom fields. That's two levels deep of content! Really handy for custom fields on your Assets for captions, or other custom fields for Categories.

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Built using Craft's Tasks

Using Craft's Tasks service, feeds will continue to run in the background.

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Database backups

Ensure your content is safe with an optional database backup on each run of your feed.

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Content-checking smarts

Feed Me will intelligently check existing content against feed. If they're the same, there's no need to overwrite it!

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Locale support

Import your content directly into specific locales.

Feedme Logs

Logging for all events

Whenever Feed Me runs, it'll create logs based on what's occurred, whether failed, succeeded or skipped.

Get started with Feed Me

Available for Craft 2 & Craft 3, with Free and Pro versions.