Element Integrations

Elements are one of the provided integrations with Formie, and are used to populate and create elements when a submission is made. For instance, you might want to create an Entry element when someone submits a form.

Elements have settings at the plugin level, as well as per-form, allowing you to customise their behaviour for particular forms, or globally for all forms.

Formie provides a single Entry element integration.

Entry #

For a form, you can configure entries to be created for submissions. You'll need to configure:

  • Entry Type
  • Default Entry Author
  • Entry Attribute Mapping
  • Entry Field Mapping

Mapping #

For both the entries attributes (Title, Post Date, etc) and any custom fields, you can assign a field's content to be mapped to that attribute or field.

For instance, you might have a Date, Users and Single-Line Text field for your form. With this integration, you could map these fields to the entry Post Date, Author and Title respectively.

When a form submission is created successfully, a queue job will run to create the entry element after the users' submission.

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Available for Craft 3. Get it from the plugin store.