Icon Sources #

Icon Picker can support remote sources for icons, and by default, works with Font Awesome 5. When registering a remote icon set source, these icons will be available to pick within the field. You can add your own sources for icons using events.

The below shows an example of using Ionicons.

use verbb\iconpicker\services\IconSources;
use verbb\iconpicker\events\RegisterIconSourceEvent;
use yii\base\Event;

Event::on(IconSources::class, IconSources::EVENT_REGISTER_ICON_SOURCE, function(RegisterIconSourceEvent $event) {
    $icons = [
        // ...

    $event->sources['ion-icons'] = [
        'label' => Craft::t('icon-picker', 'Ionicons'),
        'url' => 'https://unpkg.com/ionicons@4.4.4/dist/css/ionicons.min.css',
        'icons' => $icons,
        'classes' => 'icon ion-md-',
        'fontName' => 'Ionicons',

Get started with Icon Picker

Available for Craft 3. Get it from the plugin store.