Image Resizer for Craft CMS

Image Resizer for Craft CMS

Ensure uploaded images don't take too much disk space! Most of the time, you don't need that 6000 x 4000px image, as you're using transforms on it in your templates (if you're not, you should). Image Resizer takes care of this for you automatically, resizing images to a more sane default.

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Resizing can occur automatically during upload, or on-demand through the Assets index in Craft. Setting a maximum possible width and height in pixels, Image Resizer will check images being uploaded that they are under these limits. If over, it'll be resized.

Image Resizer is also smart enough to keep the aspect ratio of images when resizing.

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On-upload, on-demand, or entire folders

Set resizing to happen automatically when upload images, by selecting multiple images via Assets, or using the utility to resize all images in a folder.

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Sane defaults

By default, Image Resizer has a maximum resolution of 2048 x 2048px. For the most part, you wouldn't need an image to exceed this for use on the web. Quality is also unaffected.

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Non-destructive option

If you're feeling nervous about modifying original images, a non-destructive option can be set, leaving original files untouched. Of course, you should clean out these originals often!

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Checks for larger resulting images

In some cases, Craft's image-processing library can actually produce larger file sizes for some images due to different compression techniques. Image Resizer takes this into account, checking if the resulting image is indeed smaller.


Cropping is easy for any image, and can even be constrained to aspect ratios to preserve art direction on images.

If you're on Craft 3, this is now native feature, but for Craft 2 users, this is a very handy feature.

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Crop any image

Cropping is easy for any image, just go to the Assets index, select an image and crop. Its intuitive enough using the handles to resize the cropping area.

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Non-destructive option

Ensure your cropping doesn't permanently alter your original images using the non-destructive option.

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Force aspect ratios

Force cropping to be constrained to aspect ratios to preserve art direction on images. You can even define your own through the plugin settings.


Resize logging

Each time an image is resized, a log entry is created to provide feedback on the task that has run. This is useful for debugging issues with specific images, but also provides a way to see how much Image Resizer has saved from resizing images.

Get started with Image Resizer

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