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  • Unlimited use and free forever! 🎉

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a license last for?

It depends which version of Craft you're using:

Craft 2: A single license offers critical updates and support until December 2018. This is roughly the same time as Craft 2's end-of-life, so we recommend you update to a Craft 3 version of Multi Add.

Craft 3: A single license offers 1 year of updates and support. Once this is up, you can continue to use the plugin, but will not receive updates or support. To extend this, you'll need to renew your license each year at a discounted rate.

Will Multi Add work with the Craft plugin store?

Yes, but only with the Craft 3 version of Multi Add. Use the dropdown above to check the status of this version.

How can I get support for Multi Add?

We'll do our best to provide support for free plugins, but paid plugins will take priority. If you require priority support, talk to us via the Support page.

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