Verifying ShipStation Orders#

There's a console utility you can use to make sure orders are fed to ShipStation properly.

./craft snipcart/verify/check-orders

Running it will fetch the most recent three Snipcart orders, then query ShipStation for each one to confirm that an order with a matching invoice exists.

Checking last 3 orders...
Snipcart SNIP-5556 … ShipStation [✓]
Snipcart SNIP-5557 … ShipStation [✓]
Snipcart SNIP-5558 … ShipStation [✓]
Finished in 3.0893619060516 seconds.

If the order does not exist in ShipStation, the plugin will attempt to re-feed it again. Any admin email addresses established in the plugin settings will receive an email summary of the missing ShipStation orders and results of the re-feed attempt.

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