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We're a Craft CMS plugin studio based in Melbourne, Australia. We create plugins that are exceptionally well-built, feature-rich and a joy to use.
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Forms you’ll love to use

Forms are a vital part of any website, and often the main call-to-action for driving business.

Which is why we’ve packed Formie full of features we know you (and your clients) will love. From the intuitive drag-and-drop form builder to custom templates to 50+ third-party integrations — it's your go-to forms plugin for Craft.



Keep your content flexible

Let's face it — your content is probably the single-most important aspect of your site. It deserves some respect!

That's why Vizy can help you manage that content without sacrificing functionality. The highly flexible content builder is a new way of modelling your content. More powerful than a WYSIWYG editor, more streamlined than cobbling together a bunch of different fields, and faster than a locomotive (well, maybe).



Navigate like a pro

Great navigation is the solid foundation of any site.

Navigation can help you out. Give content authors a dedicated area to manage their navigations, pick entries, create manual links and more. All within an easy-to-use interface.



We're totally amazing

Okay — take it easy 😅. But seriously, here's some nice things people say about our work!

“Two Rs or two Bs, I can never remember. But I love their well-designed plugins for Craft CMS.”

Ryan irelan
Ryan Irelan

“Freeform had been my go-to for forms in #CraftCMS but I’ve given Formie a shot with a current build in progress. Super impressed! And the UI is 👩‍🍳 💋”

Angie herrera
Angie Herrera

“Josh is the best plugin developer I’ve ever met. He’s also the only plugin developer I’ve ever met”

Ashlee carey
Ashlee Carey
S. Group

“Dear @verbb_io thank you for great plugins and customer service. <3”

Lady lak
Lady Lak

“A BIG shout out goes to @engramdes at @verbb_io for helping out with an inherited #craftcms site we were having done quirky things happen. Gotta love it when the community has your back!”

Mark busnelli jr
Mark Busnelli Jr

We're just getting started

There's plenty more high quality Craft CMS plugins up ahead. Ranging from developer tools to powerful fields for editors. With free and paid plugins, there's something for everyone.
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