Attaching extra assets to Email Notifications

Here's a handy guide to walk you through how to attach assets to the email that Formie sends

Josh Crawford Josh Crawford Jan 2023

A major part of Formie is email notifications — being able to be notified via email when someone fills out a form. This also includes attachments in three forms:

  • When using a File Upload field, you can choose to include any files users have uploaded as attachments.
  • PDFs! If you want to custom-design a PDF with Twig, that can be done too.
  • Select any Craft Assets to include as an attachment.

If any of the above doesn't quite cut it, we'll walk through how you can hook into the email-sending process to add your own attachments to the email. This does require knowledge of custom modules, so you'll need to get familiar with creating a module. The code we will be writing will be in PHP and added to our custom module.

Place the below in your module's init() method.

use verbb\formie\events\MailEvent;
use verbb\formie\services\Emails;
use yii\base\Event;

public function init(): void
    // ...

    // When Formie is about to send the email, through Craft's mailer service
    Event::on(Emails::class, Emails::EVENT_BEFORE_SEND_MAIL, function(MailEvent $event) {
        $path = '/path/to/my/file';
        $filename = 'My-File.ext';

        // Attach the file to the email
        $event->email->attach($path, ['fileName' => $filename]);

    // ...

Here, we hook into the Emails::EVENT_BEFORE_SEND_MAIL event and attach a file. To add an attachment, we only require two things; the file path and the filename of the file.

If you wanted to use assets, you can fetch them like you normally would.

use craft\elements\Asset;

Event::on(Emails::class, Emails::EVENT_BEFORE_SEND_MAIL, function(MailEvent $event) {
    $asset = Asset::find()->id(1234)->one();

    // Attach the file to the email
    $event->email->attach($asset->path, ['fileName' => $asset->filename]);

As you might be able to tell, we have access to the $event->email which is a Craft message (opens new window) which you could use to modify anything else about the email, from the from, to, cc, even the htmlBody — but that's for another guide!