Craft 3 Plugins

Verbb Team Verbb Team May 2024 1 min read

Craft 3 was officially launched April 4, 2018 — that's 6 years ago now — and time has certainly flown! It was revolutionary at the time, migrating from Yii 1 to Yii 2, relying on Composer and the creation of the Plugin Store. It's certainly where plugin development took a serious jumping-off point for many.

Plugin Support#

In line with Craft 3 (opens new window) and their EOL of April 30, 2024, all our Verbb plugins for Craft 3 have now also reached their end-of-life.

That means there will be no new features added to our Craft 3 versions of plugins. There will be minimal bug fixes (only show-stopping ones) and major security patches. If you're not already on Craft 4 (or Craft 5), we'd strongly encourage you to do so as only limited support for these plugins starts today.

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, just get in touch.