Formie Headless Demo

Verbb Team Verbb Team Aug 2021 1 min read

There's no denying headless is all the rage these days, and we're all for it. There's some pretty amazing things that can be done, and can often provide a richer user experience.

And on that front, we're pleased to say since version 1.0.5 (July 2020 🥳), Formie has been compatible with Craft's GraphQL API for both querying forms, pages, fields, settings, etc and creating submissions through mutations.

Until this point, we've left the headless implementation up to the developer, but we've seen the need to provide a clear and concise, fully-implemented example project for how it all comes together.


Which is where our new formie-headless (opens new window) GitHub repository comes in! It's an open-source demo project to see how Craft, Formie, Vue and GraphQL all come together for your next project.

The Formie headless demo site

The project comes complete with a Craft setup and database for the back-end, and Vue 3 app using the super-fast Vite ⚡️ for a development server. Despite being written in Vue, we think it'll still be useful for React or other JS framework developers out there, to see how we react with GraphQL. In particular, there are helper functions to make generating a mutations schema a breeze.

Gimme a demo#

Be sure to check out the online demo site for a quick example:

Have fun on your headless journeys!