New year, new plugins

Verbb Team Verbb Team Feb 2018 2 min read

We've been hard at work getting to know Craft 3, and even finishing off some Craft 2 plugins. Craft 3 is now at the Release Candidate stage (opens new window) including highly anticipated features like the Plugin Store and a tweaked control panel UI. You should all have the 4/4/2018 (opens new window) marked in your calendars as the official launch date for Craft 3.

Interest in our plugins being ported to Craft 3 has been overwhelming, so we appreciate your patience. We're just as excited to migrate plugins to Craft 3 as you are! So — without further ado, let's go into it.


First off, we're releasing our Events plugin for Craft 2 — why not Craft 3 you might ask? Plain and simple, the Craft team haven't released the Craft 3 version of Commerce yet, not even to developers. We'll make the move to Craft 3 as soon as that's available.

Events is a plugin to provide ticketing functionality on your Craft site, and if you haven't guessed yet, relies heavily on Craft Commerce. Combining the power of Craft's Element Types and Commerce's Purchasable's, we think it's a really flexible way to sell tickets or for general event management.

We're also releasing Events as a beta — we want your feedback on features and your own requirements. Events and commerce concepts are typically one of the more complicated areas in development, so we know there are going to be edge-cases and specific requirements aplenty. Let us know!

Try out the beta today.

Image Resizer#

Our favourite utility plugin for handling images on-upload, Image Resizer has landed for Craft 3. A simple tool to keep your uploaded assets under control from consuming too much disk space. Often your clients will upload massive, high resolution images to your site, which take up those precious MB's. Image Resizer resizes these images to a still high-resolution version, but a little more lightweight.

We've dropped support for cropping due to the native Image Editor (opens new window) from Craft 3, so we're just focusing on the core resizing functionality.

Get it today.

Field Manager#

Continuing on with the Craft 3 theme, we've migrated Field Manager over to Craft 3. Field Manager is an easy way to manage your fields (creative name right?) from cloning individual fields, field groups, or just quick access to edit anything. 

For those out there using the Import/Export functionality, Field Manager supports your existing JSON files from Craft 2, despite there being several differences with field attributes.

Get it today.

One more thing...#

Since it was released Super Table has been an indispensable plugin for many sites, providing flexible layouts, Matrix-in-Matrix possibilities and an alternative to the core Matrix field layout. As such, it's been a staple plugin for most Craft sites out there, and you've understandably been keen to get this last piece of the puzzle. We couldn't be happier to announce Super Table has made the migration to Craft 3 today.

Super Table is no different to its Craft 2 counterpart, utilising Table, Row and Static layouts. It works well with the new Sites functionality, Eager Loading and Matrix combinations.

We're also keeping Super Table free for Craft 3. We love free stuff too.

Get it today.

That's a wrap#

Until next time, keep an eye out for our next batch of plugins!