Plugin Licenses - Craft 2 to Craft 3

Verbb Team Verbb Team Apr 2018 1 min read

So you've purchased a Craft 2 plugin from Verbb...#

First of all, thanks for purchasing one of our plugins! We hoped you've enjoyed using it on your Craft 2 site. You can continue using it on your Craft 2 site for as long as you like, but if you're wanting to migrate your website over to Craft 3, you'll need a new license key that's compatible with the Plugin Store.

New license#

We've already mentioned before to honour any plugin purchases on Craft 2, to grandfather the license on Craft 3. This simply means that if you purchased a plugin for Craft 2, you're entitled to no renewal fees and unlimited support on Craft 3. This is also what Craft is doing (opens new window).

If you purchase a Craft 2 plugin for any plugin at Verbb after 4/4/2018 (already passed), you'll not be able to take advantage of this free migration. Simply put, if you've purchased a license after 4/4, you'll need to purchase a new one for Craft 3 from the plugin store.


If you've purchased one of the following plugins, you should've received a license code via email:

  • Feed Me
  • Postie
  • Gift Voucher
  • Events

With this license code, visit our Migration Tool to enter your license code, and you'll get your Craft 3 compatible license key. It couldn't be simpler! You can also come back at any time to get the same license key again if you forget (but you should really write it down).

Of course, if you're unsure of your license key, don't have access to your email, or anything else, just get in touch.