New Craft Commerce Plugin — Postie

Verbb Team Verbb Team Dec 2017 1 min read

It's a common feature request for e-commerce systems — shop owners want something a little 'smarter' than flat rate shipping, or have wide variety of products in all shapes and sizes, it makes it difficult to setup generic shipping rules. That's where live shipping rates can help, fetching the calculated value from a chosen shipping provider depending on your customers cart.

Today we're launching Postie — a plugin thats been in development for a number of years in fact, and we're glad it's finally seeing the light of day. Postie aims to be a one-stop-shop for your shipping needs with Craft Commerce, and you'll even see we have a collection of upcoming features planned like tracking, label printing and smart box-packing.

Available providers#

Right now however, we've got Australia PostFedEx and USPS part of the core plugin, with more providers on the way. Why not more you may ask? Most providers require either 'real' accounts, or otherwise difficult to setup test systems with (TNT, UPS).

Help us help you!#

That's where you come in — we'd love to get in touch with anyone looking to add providers to assist us with implementing support for them. In fact, as a bonus for your assistance you'll get a free Postie license for your troubles.

Get in touch today, or head to the pricing page for Postie and we hope you find it useful!