Supercool plugins have a new home

Verbb Team Verbb Team June 2022 1 min read

We're excited to announce we've acquired some Craft plugins from the team at Supercool (opens new window). You might have heard of some of them, or used them:

Table Maker#

A field type that enables your users to create their own columns, controlling the width and alignment of each.

Make tables within entries with ease, with Table Maker

Get Table Maker (opens new window)

Button Box#

A set of utility field types allowing you to create custom buttons that are a little more special than your regular buttons. Perfect for adding a little more polish to the editing experience. This includes:

  • Buttons
  • Colours
  • Text Size
  • Stars
  • Width
  • Triggers
Add some different types of buttons to make a visual difference for content editors
Or, even just adding icons can help them stand out, or provide more context

Get Button Box (opens new window)


A plugin that allows you to schedule jobs to be executed on a given date.

Get Scheduler (opens new window)

Plan of action#

Our first priority will be to update these plugins for Craft 4, but we'll continue to offer critical support for Craft 3 versions. We won't be adding new features and improvements to their Craft 3 counterparts.

We're looking to tackle this in the next month, along with our Craft 3 migration.

All of these plugins will remain free, and open source.

Not only are they in fact super-cool people, but their plugins have been around for a number of years — all the way back in Craft 2 days. We're honoured to be trusted with these plugins, and look forward to improving and supporting them into the future. On behalf of the entire Craft community, thanks Supercool for these awesome plugins, your development and support over the years.

Get in touch via Twitter (opens new window), Discord (opens new window) or Contact us if you have any questions.