Website Spring Clean

Verbb Team Verbb Team Nov 2018 3 min read

Often when you're busy its easy to overlook and forget your personal or agency site. But – we couldn't hold out for changes any longer, so we've got some updates for our website to share!

1 Year Old 🎉#

It took us by surprise, but Verbb turned 1 year old last month (officially), and it certainly shows how fast time flies. A lot has changed in our first year, and it was a good opportunity to give things a little spring cleaning (its Spring in the southern hemisphere too folks).

Migrating to Craft 3#

We've been having a blast using Craft 3 for all our client sites in the past few months, and have enjoyed understanding it deeper through our plugin transitions. Its faster, modern and just generally better to work with. Going back to any Craft 2 site feels like a chore.

We decided it was high-time to transition this site ( from Craft 2 to Craft 3 — and it couldn't have gone smoother. With roughly 35 plugins big and small, it was a surprisingly painless upgrade. All credit to Craft and the respective plugin authors on making this transition smooth.

Plugin Page Updates#

While we juggle the transition from Craft 2 to Craft 3 with our plugins, we needed a better way to handle documentation, but also pricing, features, changelogs and more. We've added a small "Version Switch" in the header of all plugin pages.

Version switch for plugin pages

Updated Plugin Docs#

Documentation can often be a pain to manage, so we wanted to improve our current workflow. Previously, our Craft install here at Verbb housed all documentation, separated from the plugin code, and the collaboration at Github. The meant docs quickly got out of sync with code updates, which was worsened by Craft 2/3 changes.

We're pleased to announce all docs now sit inside each plugin repository on Github. This means pull requests can be made on both code and docs, and they can be viewed offline.

We've gone through each plugin to update docs to Craft 3 and ensure they're highly consistent across the board – which was quite honestly a lot of work!

Best of all, we're using Feed Me ourselves to sync docs for each plugin on the website itself. Each time updates are made on the corresponding plugins, they're pushed to the website in a few seconds.

We've also taken the opportunity to refresh the look and feel to make things a little more organised, easier on the eyes and consistent.

Finally, we've added Algolia to docs pages, which is quite frankly amazing. If you're not convinced about Algolia and the speed of search, try it out.

Check out the Feed Me docs for an example.

Utility Plugins#

We're starting our new range of plugins called Utility plugins. Simply put, these are small plugins for a single purpose, tweak or anything we deem nifty. Best of all, they'll always be free. Be on the lookout for more added in the future.

See our Utility Plugins.

Coming Soon Plugins#

We've been wanting to highlight our next upcoming plugins for a while, so its high time we did something about it. We're showing off what we're working on releasing next, so keep an eye on this section! We've also got plenty more in the works behind the scenes, but these typically are our next few months' releases.

Oh – and don't forget to give us a thumbs-up if you're interested in a particular plugin!

See our Coming Soon Plugins.

What's next?#

Priorities are to finish "the great migration" of our plugins to Craft 3, with Social Poster, Postie, and Events finishing up our last few plugins. Expect these early 2019, if not sooner.

We're also nearing the proper release of Feed Me, which has been in beta for 7 months now (time flies!). It's seen numerous improvements, and even some breaking changes. A big shout-out to everyone who has helped along the way to squash bugs, suggest features and general help. We appreciate your patience.

As we've mentioned, we've got brand new plugins in the works for Craft 3, some of which we've mentioned in our Coming Soon plugins.