This plugin allows you to rename, reorder, or toggle visibility on menu items for the Control Panel.

You can also create your own menu items to link to either pages inside the control panel, or external links.

An internal link might be helpful if you have a specific entry you want to easily access. When creating an internal link, you should provide a relative link, rather than including the full URL to your control panel (ie: /entries/pages/somepage).

An external link might be helpful for a variety of different reasons. These should be provided as absolute URLs, complete with protocol (http/https).

You can also set a custom icon for a menu item. This is uploaded to an existing assets source, and is recommended to be an SVG file for best results.

It should also be noted that some plugins already provide a method for changing the Plugin name. While Control Panel Nav is active, it's settings will override any defined in other installed plugins.

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