A full-feature plugin for event management and ticketing for Craft Commerce. If you've got an event and looking to sell tickets, look no further than Events.

Requires either Commerce Lite or Pro.

Sell tickets to events

Allow your customers to purchase event tickets directly on your site. With all the flexibility and power you've come to know from Craft and Craft Commerce.

Event Types

Group your events into Event Types which have their own URL, template and custom fields.

Ticket Types

Create re-usable ticket types so you can keep tickets consistent (eg Adult, Concession, etc). Each type can also have as many custom fields as required.

Intelligent capacity

Most events have limited tickets available for the overall event, or even per ticket type. Events has you covered.

Custom fields for days

We know events can be complicated, which is why there's custom fields for everything - events and tickets. Store as much additional information as you need.

Double power

With the combined strength of Craft Element Types and a Commerce Purchasable, means a massive amount of flexibility and integration with Craft.

Feed Me

Supports importing Events via Feed Me.

ICS Sharing

Generate ICS files for single events, entire event types, or event queries. You can also generate a feed for full control.

Generate PDF tickets with QR codes

As an added bonus, Events will produce a PDF from your Twig templates with a unique QR code for customers to use at an event. When scanned, this QR code authenticates and 'checks in' the user with the event, ensuring it can't be reused.

Of course, you've got 100% control over this template, so have fun!

See our Templating Documentation

Get started with Events

Available for Craft 3 and 4. Get it from the plugin store.