Expanded Singles

A simple plugin for Craft CMS that alters the entries index sidebar to list all singles, rather than grouping them under a 'Singles' menu item. This can be particularly handy for a site with a large amount of singles, or just to make it clear to your editors where your content sits.

Free your Singles

By default, Craft files all your single sections under a 'Singles' menu item. Instead, Expanded Singles extracts these out into their own menu items as shown in the screenshot here. You can then re-arrange each menu item using Craft's sidebar customisation tool (the small cog icon).

You can also set Expanded Singles to go straight to the entry when clicking on the item in the sidebar, as opposed to just showing it in the entries index. One less click!

Get started with Expanded Singles

Available for Craft 3, 4 and 5. Get it from the plugin store.