Navigation for Craft CMS

Navigation for Craft CMS

Manage navigation menus for your site Craft site. Supports linking to existing elements like entries, categories and products, as well as custom URLs.

Nodes = elements

As elements, nodes can be queried in a variety of ways which will be familiar to you - like working with entries!

Entries, categories and more

Create navigation nodes for entries, assets, categories and Commerce products.

Custom URLs

You're not forced into using elements — create your own custom URLs.

Node options

Enable/disable, open links in a new window, or apply additional CSS classes.

Smart updating

When a linked element's title or status changes, it'll automatically update your navigation node.

Multi-site support

Supports navigations per-site, or even propagate them across all your sites.

Third-party hooks

Have a custom element? You can add support for any element with simple hooks.


Use our `render()` Twig function, or roll your own templating


Generate breadcrumbs easily based on your URL segments.

Get started with Navigation

Available for Craft 4. Get it from the plugin store.