Box Packing#

Postie features several different mechanisms to pack boxes for accurate shipping quotes.

Pack items individually#

When chosen, each item in the cart will be packed in a box fitted to the item. When purchasing multiple quantities of the same item, each item will still be in an individual box.

Pack items into boxes#

This will fit all items in one or many boxes, as defined by you, or pre-set boxes defined by the provider. Any items that do not fit these box constraints are fitted to an individual box.

Pack items into a single box#

Given a collection of products, Postie will try to fit all items into a single box. Care should be taken with this approach, if an order contains large or bulk items, they might exceed provider allowances.

4D Box Packing#

Our box packing algorithm is volume-based, and whilst it provides good results in most cases, it will never be as accurate as a real person packing a box (see BIN Packing Problem (opens new window)).

At a high level, the algorithm works like this:

  • Pack the largest (by volume) items first
  • Pack vertically up the side of the box
  • Pack side-by-side where the item under consideration fits alongside the previous item
  • If more than 1 box is needed to accommodate all the items, then aim for boxes of roughly equal weight (e.g. 3 medium-sized size/weight boxes are better than 1 small light box and 2 that are large and heavy)
  • Unpackable items are packed separately, using the item dimensions.

Refer to the docs (opens new window) for further reading.

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