The Snipcart plugin offers basic integration with ShipStation (opens new window), a third-party service that can be used to get rates, print postage, manage inventory, or even manage multiple warehouses and a whole fulfillment process. This integration can be used to get live shipping rates directly from ShipStation, and send Snipcart orders to ShipStation once they're completed.

Nothing will happen with ShipStation until you've configured the Snipcart webhook and switched on Enable Shipping Rates? and/or Send Completed Orders?.

Fetching Rates#

If you switch on Enable Shipping Rates?, the Snipcart plugin will automatically send order information to ShipStation to fetch live shipping rates. This happens at checkout, when Snipcart sends the shippingrates.fetch webhook event to ask for rate options. Options in the response will be added to any rates Snipcart is already providing (if any).

If for some reason no rates are available, the cart will display a generic message (not an error) to the user. This can happen for various reasons, like shipping to an unsupported country or requesting rates for a shipment whose dimensions or weight aren't serviceable by the configured shippers.

Sending Completed Orders#

If you've configured the Snipcart plugin to send completed orders to ShipStation, webhook responses and admin confirmation emails will both include the resulting ShipStation order ID that was created.

Development Mode#

Orders won't be sent to ShipStation if Craft is running with devMode set to true. Everything will work the same, but a "successful" result with have a ShipStation order ID of 99999999.

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