Social Feeds

Fetch content from social media accounts like Facebook Page posts, Twitter hashtags, YouTube channel videos and more. Choose whether to fetch content from a single account or combine into a feed from multiple accounts — like a timeline.

Supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, with developer support for additional third-party providers.

Creating a social feed

Aggregate your social media content by combining multiple sources into a single feed. You can control exactly how each post looks, or let Social Feed do it for you!

Control what content to show

For all providers, you can pick what sort of content to pull in to filter specifically the sort of content you want. From Facebook Posts or Photos, YouTube Channels or Playlists, to Twitter hashtags or mentions.

You can even enable multiple filters at once (for the sources that support it) to create advanced content feeds.

Ready-to-go templates

With complete control over how your content is rendered or using the built-in theme to get off to a quick start, it couldn't be easier to integrate into your site.

Cached for performance

With cache control options, you can specify how long between fetching new posts should be. There's even command line utilities to schedule fetching new posts (recommended).

GraphQL support

Going headless? Using the GraphQL endpoints to fetch social media posts and use them on your BYO front-end.

Preview feed content

You can also preview a feed in the control panel before making it live, so you can see exactly how it'll look, and verify the content being pulled in looks correct.

Get started with Social Feeds

Available for Craft 4 and 5. Get it from the plugin store.