Super Table

A powerful fieldtype for adding extra flexibility to your content – Super Table is a super-charged extension, and a mix between the core Table and Matrix fields. Use as a content builder, or together with Matrix for very flexible page and component layouts.

3 different layouts for ultimate flexibility

Super Table give you more control and options over repeatable content in Craft CMS, featuring 3 different field layouts, each addressing specific needs. Which layout you choose will depend on what sort of fields you have in your Super Table, and the number of fields.

Table layout

Looking just like a native Table field, the table layout has a simple goal – to allow all fields to be used in columns.Table fields only allow plain-text columns, but with Super Table, you can add Assets, Dropdown, Entries, and any third-party field to columns.

A table layout works best for a small number of columns, due to a limited horizontal space. For more fields, you would best opt for the row layout.

Row layout

The row layout acts in a similar fashion to a Matrix field, with field labels in-line with fields. This provides a more concise and space efficient layout, particularly with large Matrix fields.

The row layout also shines brightest when used inside a Matrix field.

Static layout

Sometimes its useful to visually group certain fields together, and in turn make them appear more compact. The static option can be turned on to change the field into a non-repeatable collection of fields.

A solution for Matrix-in-Matrix

There's no current way to natively have nested Matrix fields in Craft CMS, and sometimes the situation calls for it.

For example – a Matrix block for a section on a page with a heading, excerpt and a slider. The slider field needs to have multiple slides consisting of an image, heading and button. In this scenario, you need to have repeatable Matrix blocks, with repeatable Super Table blocks inside each.

Get started with Super Table

Available for Craft 3, 4 and 5. Get it from the plugin store.