A utility to show your application logs in the control panel.

Beautiful and performant

Wrangle your log files (even massive ones) without feeling it'd be easier looking at them raw. With an interface that not only looks great, but is super-fast — Timber will save you time.

Filtering, Sorting & Searching

It wouldn't be a useful interface for diving into log files without filtering for different levels and categories, sorting and full-text search.

Real-time logging

Sit back with a coffee and watch the logs come in! Real-time updates are pushed to the logging screen (for servers that support it)


Wade through 1GB log files (it happens) with ease, with low memory consumption and fast-parsing.

Download and Delete

Save having to remote into your server to download or delete the log file. Get it done through the Timber log interface.

Get started with Timber

Available for Craft 4 and 5. Get it from the plugin store.