This plugin provides a Field Type where you can select one or more user groups. To create the field, go to Settings → Fields in your control panel.

Field Settings#

There is 3 display modes:

  • As a dropdown, where you can select only 1 group.
  • As a group of checkboxes, where you can select 1 or more groups.
  • As a group of radio buttons, where you can select only 1 group.


To list the group(s) selected:

{% set groups = entry.userGroupFieldHandle.getGroups() %}

{% for group in groups %}
    {{ }}
{% endfor %}

To get only the first group:

{% set groups = entry.userGroupFieldHandle.getGroups() | first %}

{{ }}

To check if the current user is in any of the groups selected:

{% if entry.userGroupFieldHandle.inGroup(currentUser) %}
    <h1>User can access</h1>
{% endif %}

To check if the current user can access something based on the group selection:

{% if entry.userGroupFieldHandle.canAccess(currentUser) %}
    <h1>User can access</h1>
{% endif %}

Note: This check is always true for admins.

You can also query a User Group Field based on the uid of a user.

{% set userGroup ='myUserGroup') %}

{% set entries = craft.entries.section('blog').userGroupFieldHandle(userGroup.uid).all() %}


By default Craft::$app->getUserGroups()->getAllGroups(); is called for every element that has a user group field, requesting all the groups which won't change between entries, unless it's a CP request and a user group is added, edited or removed. This data can be cached per url by adding a flag to the following calls - {% set groups = entry.userGroupFieldHandle.getGroups($cache = true) %}

{% if entry.userGroupFieldHandle.inGroup(currentUser, $cache = true) %}

{% if entry.userGroupFieldHandle.canAccess(currentUser, $cache = true) %}

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