A powerful and flexible content editor field, combining everything you already know about WYSIWYG, the power of Matrix blocks and a sprinkle of Neo into an all-new editor experience.

Take Vizy for a spin

Show don't tell is often the best approach. Give Vizy a test-drive with the demo below. Be sure to look at the preview of the field content, as well as how the field content is stored as JSON.

WYSIWYG, but more

More than just a WYSIWYG, but certainly not lacking in the features and functionality you've come to expect. All the usual formatting options like bold, italic, headings, etc.

Images & Links

Links and images are also heavily integrated with Craft. Select links from your Entries or Products, and embed images directly in the editor.

Customise what you need

Use custom configurations to tailor different editors to different needs, keeping functionality lean where needed.

Blocks are here

Not only can you create text-based content in the Vizy editor, but embed Blocks of content. It's basically like having Matrix blocks inline with your content! The possibilities are endless, allowing you to use any Craft field inline with regular text-based content

Amazing flexibility

Don't be constrained by a regular rich text editor. Create complex field setups to allow all manner of functionality in an integrated fashion. How about an image with a caption, or a Table field?

Multiple tabs

Keep your UI lean by grouping fields into tabs. This can help with visual overload of too many fields shown on a single screen.

Enable, collapse, move

Just like Matrix blocks, enable/disable certain blocks, collapse them to keep them out of the way, and freely move them around your content.

Flexible field settings

Great multiple groups to house multiple blocks for content editors. Pick from existing fields, or UI elements, all organised into tabs. Give blocks an icon for instant visual recognition, provide it a template partial and you're ready to go.

Pick from your existing fields

Keep your fields under control by selecting from existing fields, rather than creating them just for a specific field.

Groups, Blocks, Tabs, Fields

Create groups of multiple blocks for your content editors to pick from. Each block has multiple tabs and fields. You can even include Craft's UI elements.

Block icons

Pick a suitable icon for your blocks, to help recognise certain functionality. Vizy provides the full Font Awesome kit, but you can of course supply your own custom icons.

Block based visual editor

Rather than storing HTML that gets generated when you add your content, Vizy stores blocks of structured data as JSON. This gives you complete control over how the content for a Vizy field is generated. No more wrangling HTML to add classes to HTML tags (or remove them).

Simple or custom

Outputting your field content in your templates is as simple as either letting Vizy generate the HTML for you, or taking total control over how every block of content is rendered.

Modular templating

When it comes to outputting the content of a block, supply a template partial linked to that block's settings. This keeps your templating super-modular, without having to template an entire Vizy field.

GraphQL supported

Query Vizy field content via GraphQL. Either fetch the generated HTML to drop in or the raw nodes to take total control.

Nested Vizy fields

Get your nesting groove on by adding Vizy fields to Vizy Blocks. You can even go one (or more) further and keep nesting as much as you like - but keep in mind your content editors.

Performance focused

No more n+1 query issues. Because Vizy stores all its field content as JSON, it's a single database call to fetch your content.

Querying like you're used to

Query Vizy blocks (and nodes) just like you would a Matrix field, allowing fetching of Vizy Blocks of certain type, limiting, ordering and more.

Supporting open source

Vizy wouldn't be possible without tiptap and ProseMirror. A portion of every license goes back to support these developers and their amazing work.

Get started with Vizy

Available for Craft 3 and 4. Get it from the plugin store.