Allow your site users to create lists for any element, for a variety of use-cases. Create a favourites list for entries, or create a wishlist for products to easily one-click add to your cart.

All sharable via a unique URL of course.

Guests or users

Both guests and logged in users can add items to their lists – don't force users to sign up for an account to save stuff to their lists.

Multiple lists

Have a need for more than one list? Go ahead and create as many lists as required. List Types helps you achieve this.

User-managed lists

For even more flexibility, give your customers full controls over their lists, with the ability to create and delete entire new lists as required.

Custom fields for days

Add custom fields to lists, or to list items – supplement as much additional information as you need.

Commerce one-click add to cart

Make it super-easy for your Commerce store to support wishlist-style functionality. Users can add products and variants to their wishlist, and easily add them to their cart, ready to purchase

Share the love

All lists come with built-in sharing capabilities. Give your unique URL to a friend or family member as a hint on what you want, without them needing to log in.

Get started with Wishlist

Available for Craft 3, 4 and 5. Get it from the plugin store.