Craft 4 & Plugin Updates

Verbb Team Verbb Team May 2022 5 min read

Craft 4 (opens new window) is here! With a slew of new features like conditions, addresses, unified element experiences, PHP 8, performance improvements and more. Be sure to check out the full feature list (opens new window).

New release cycle#

Craft 4 marks the start of an annual release cycle for Craft CMS, where major versions will be released each year. We think this is great not only for new features, more often — but helps keep breaking changes to a minimum, saved up for major versions. Our plugins will match this release cycle with new major versions every year, when Craft major versions are released. All paid plugin licenses will carry over to Craft 4 so you don't have to worry about purchasing different plugins for different Craft versions.

So what does this mean for Craft 3?#

We'll continue supporting all Verbb plugins for Craft 3, until 30th April, 2023 which is inline with Craft 3's own end-of-life (opens new window). This means bug fixes and security fixes for Craft 3, so you're not left out in the cold sticking with Craft 3. However, new features and improvements will be reserved for Craft 4 plugin versions, so we encourage you (like all software) to upgrade when you can.

Plugin Updates#

All our plugins are available through the Plugin Store (opens new window) and Composer for you to upgrade along with Craft to get the latest and greatest features.

Before you dive in, make sure to upgrade Craft and all plugins to their latest Craft 3 version. You'll then be set!

Given the bump to PHP 8 for all plugins, we've taken the time to modernise all our plugins — some of which haven't really been touched since their Craft 2 versions! It's not the most exciting of changes to users of our plugins, but solid foundations mean better plugins.

While not every plugin will have new features for Craft 4 straight away, we've certainly made a start that'll continue on through 2022.

CP Nav#

CP Nav has gotten some nifty updates with a new UI for building navigation items, and now supports sub-nav items. We're also pretty excited about the ability to set the sub-navigation items to either only when the parent is active (Craft default), always open, or toggle-state open. This should drastically lower the amount of clicks you have to do, in order to reach things like Commerce Products, etc. You can also set this as a plugin setting for all navigation items, or per-navigation item.

The new sub-navigation UI

We've also made some performance improvements to ensure a custom navigation doesn't slow down the control panel too much.

Get CP Nav 4 (opens new window) for Craft 4 for free.

Navigation has also gotten a makeover with some UI improvements and better nested node support. This includes simplifying the number of icons shown, and allowing bulk actions. You can also filter nodes by their status, and view (and restore) trashed nodes.

Navigation v2 and the cleaned-up node builder. We promise we're not alcoholics 🥃

We've also moved editing your nodes into the new element slide-out (introduced in Craft 3.7 (opens new window)) to give editing nodes some much needed breathing room. Not only that, but we've moved the usual attributes of a node (New Window, URL Suffix, Classes, Custom Attributes) into their own field layout elements. This gives you to ability to include, exclude or re-arrange them as required. You can also use the new conditional field support in Craft 4 to only show fields to particular users.

Not to mention you can finally have field tabs and use UI elements.

Editing node attributes and custom fields is now 70% more roomier!

All changes made to a navigation node now also support draft behaviour, like other Craft elements. This means that you can make changes to a node, without them being live, and pick them up later.

All draft-compatible changes, and the metafields.

Bulk actions are now the way to delete nodes, giving the additional option to delete a singular node, with any children being kicked up a level, or deleting a node including any children.

Bulk actions make quick work of batch-deleting. You can also duplicate!

Get Navigation 2 (opens new window) for Craft 4 for $19.


We've updated Vizy to use Vue 3 and Vite. While this means very little to the end-user, what it does mean is performance improvements. You should find writing content to be a little bit more performant. It also paves the way for some exciting updates we've got in the works.

Get Vizy 2 (opens new window) for Craft 4 for $59.

Super Table#

While Nested Matrix (opens new window), and Matrix UI modes (opens new window) was roadmapped for Craft 4, it didn't quite make the cut. As such, Super Table is here for the moment! We'll continue to support Super Table on Craft 4, until it's replaced by native functionality in Craft. Which, judging by the current Craft roadmap (opens new window) could be in the next year.

Rest-assured, we'll be providing support, along with the Craft team on migrating Super Table to a native solution when the time comes.

Get Super Table 3 (opens new window) for Craft 4 for free.

Breaking changes#

Moving to an annual release cycle alongside Craft gives us the opportunity to include some breaking changes. We've tried to keep breaking changes to a minimum — but change is good!

To give you a head start, we've written guides for each plugin on their breaking changes and upgrading in each plugin's respective docs page. Most are relatively minor related to GraphQL, or references to classes in your PHP modules, but previously deprecated functions have now been removed.

For easy-access, here's some quick links:

Craft 3 migration#

We want to ensure no plugin is left behind with the Craft 4 release. Which is why we're offering a free plugin upgrade service for open source plugins. If you find a plugin that's been abandoned, or just isn't looking to make the jump to Craft 4, we'll do it!

We're here to help any Craft 3 plugin left behind.

The year ahead#

As always, we've got plenty planned for the rest of 2022 and beyond! We're busy working on new features for Events, Icon Picker, Postie, Formie and Vizy along with a few new plugins in the wings.

We'll keep that under wraps for the moment 🤫

Until next time, happy Craft 4 release day!