New Craft Commerce Plugin — Gift Voucher

Verbb Team Verbb Team Dec 2017 1 min read

Hot on the heels of Postie, we've got another Craft Commerce plugin ready for you fine folk. This time, its providing your customers the ability to buy digital gift vouchers. 

Once through checkout, a unique code is generated which you can distribute to someone deserving of your generosity. That customer can then purchase items as normal, using the gift voucher as a discount. It sounds simple, but there's lots of bells-and-whistles along the way!

Check out some of the features below, or our full feature list.

Intelligent redemptions#

If a customer has a $100 voucher, but only has $50 worth of items in the cart, that leaves an even $50 left on the card. Rather than discard this value, or force users to purchase a minimum of their card value, Gift Voucher is much smarter about it. Customers will retain any value on their card, until their expiry date comes around.

Likewise, if the cart value exceeds the amount on the card, the customer will make up the difference.

Custom amounts#

One thing we're excited about is giving power to your customers, allowing them to set their own price for a voucher. This is particularly exciting due to the fact Commerce itself doesn't provide this functionality (yet), and requires all products to have a price when you create them.

You can either choose to have fixed or custom amounts for any voucher.

Create beautiful digital vouchers#

And lastly, to top it all off — its got to look great. That's why you can create completely custom PDF templates to generate your vouchers. No restrictions on what you can do, and best of all, we've prepared one for you to get started!

Example Gift Voucher PDF template

Head to the PDF docs page for more information.

Gift Voucher is available for Craft 2 today for $99 with free, unlimited local testing. You only need to purchase a license when you are on a public domain (just like Craft).