So long Super Table!

Verbb Team Verbb Team May 2024 3 min read

In case you missed it the moment has arrived — Super Table has reached end-of-life.

With the release of Craft 5 (opens new window) and a revamped Matrix field including a solution for nested Matrix fields, we feel it's a good time to retire Super Table.

Craft 5 and Super Table#

You might notice that Super Table is still available on the Plugin Store for Craft 5 (opens new window). That's so that we can provide a migration from Super Table to native Matrix!

The migration is automatic as part of the Craft 5 upgrade, but there are two parts.

Migration to Matrix#

As soon as you perform your Craft 5 upgrade with Super Table also installed, its migrations will be triggered.

This will convert all Super Table fields into Matrix fields, Super Table Block Types to Entry Types, and Super Table Blocks (where you enter your content) into Entries. This mimics the migration Matrix itself performs.

Once completed, any nested Super Table fields you had in Matrix fields, or standalone Super Table fields will look and act like Matrix fields. The Super Table UI will be gone, in place of native Matrix UI and behaviour.

However, you may notice that the Super Table fields are still actually listed as Super Table fields, and not Matrix. Despite this, they will look and act like Matrix fields. This is where the next step comes in.

Super Table Removal#

Now the fields and content have been migrated, there's one last thing to do, which is to switch Super Table fields to Matrix fields. Under the hood, they've already been converted in the previous step, but it's a separate process due to complexities with migrating fields and their content. Super Table fields will still show as "Super Table" fields, despite being Matrix fields.

We highly recommend that you stop here and deploy your changes to staging/production so that the migration can be performed. This will convert everything Super Table-related as a first-step, and you can ensure things are working correctly. Otherwise, if you also uninstall Super Table at this point, and deploy everything all at once, it may uninstall Super Table before migrating its fields and content.

Once the Craft 5 upgrades have been deployed and applied, you can then switch Super Table fields to Matrix safely with no data loss. You can either to this manually in Settings > Fields, or automatically with the following command:

php craft super-table/migrate

After this command runs, you should no longer see any Super Table fields in your install. You can now safely uninstall Super Table, as it's no longer in use.


We're happy to say that Super Table for Craft 4 won't be going anywhere, and will continue to be present until Craft 4 itself reaches end-of-life (at the time of writing, April 30, 2026). It'll still be supported for bugs and security patches, but no new features will be added.

If you're looking for support for Craft 3, this has now officially ended. And, if you're still on Craft 2, you're a few years too late!

End of an era#

Super Table was released April 9, 2015, and has since become one of the most installed plugins on Craft with around 1.4 million installs to date. It's been filling the gap for nested Matrix since Craft 2, and providing a streamlined UI for editing repeatable content.

Super Table's end goal was always going to be retirement when Matrix implemented its features. It's also the reason Super Table has always been free. Now, 9 years since its release, we never expected Super Table to stick around for as long as it did!

We can't thank you all enough for the years of support using the plugin and the kind words shared over emails and in-person. It's certainly one of the handful of plugins that put Verbb "on the map" in our early days, and it's always had a special place in our hearts.

Thanks Super Table, you can rest now ❤️