Welcome to Verbb

Verbb Team Verbb Team Oct 2017 2 min read

We craft meaningful products and grow ideas#

We're a small but passionate group of up-starts based in Melbourne, Australia who love to craft great experiences in the digital world. Our skills range from web development to app development, to integrations, all the way to SaaS platform building.

Our team is passionate about good design, and end products that simply 'feel right'. We make it our business to ensure people have exceptional experiences using our products — be it clients, developers, or end users.

We love nothing more than tinkering with new ideas, and more often than not, you'll find us hacking away at new projects.

Whether you're looking for a partner for custom web development, custom integration, or simply for outsourced support, we would love to work with you.

It's no secret we love Craft#

By now, you've probably looked through our site (go on, check it out) and noticed some familiar looking plugins from the Craft CMS scene. We love Craft, and use it almost daily, along with our friends at S. Group (opens new window) for its amazing flexibility and developer-friendliness. If you haven't heard of Craft CMS, you should check it out (opens new window).

It's with great excitement that Verbb will be the new home for S. Group and Josh Crawford's personal plugins. This includes popular plugins like Feed Me, Super Table, CP Nav, Comments and lots more. Its been a long time coming, and provides much-needed clarity on who is backing development of the plugins.

So, what does this mean for you?#

Actually, not much will change, if anything things will only get better. It means better support for existing plugins and more new plugins, knowing that there's more than just one person behind each plugin. We're committed to providing excellent and polished plugins to the Craft community, and that won't change. 

For anyone worried about our free plugins – don't fret. We're all big supporters of open source work, and we'll continue to release plugins to the open source Craft community. Who doesn't like free stuff?

What's next?#

There's certainly lots coming up in the Craft scene – Craft 3, an official plugin store, Commerce 2 – and we're excited to see how things progress. 

We're already hard at work on all our plugins in preparation for Craft 3, and are happy to say all our plugins will be making the transition. In fact, some are already Craft 3 ready. Next up, why not read our introduction into Craft 3.

We've also got some Craft 2 plugins to release next month, so we hope you'll stay tuned.

– Verbb Team