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Our support service gives you peace of mind that any plugin is backed by a team who know Craft inside out, and are committed to the sustainability of each plugin.

Free edition

This is our free version of Comments.

There are no restrictions in terms of functionality between the Free and Pro editions - the only difference being support. We'll do our best to provide support for free editions, but we will always prioritise support from pro customers.

Fortunately, Craft's vibrant community is a great place to get support.

Pro edition

The Pro edition is our paid version of Comments.

You'll receive direct support from our team of developers for bug fixes, help getting started, and priority feature requests.

You'll also get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing you'll be supporting the continued development of Comments.

Use the form below to start a support request (include your license key), or email us at .

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Available for Craft 2 & Craft 3.