Configuration #

Create an gift-voucher.php file under your /config directory with the following options available to you. You can also use multi-environment options to change these per environment.


return [
    '*' => [
        'expiry' => 0,
        'codeKeyLength' => 10,
        'codeKeyCharacters' => 'ACDEFGHJKLMNPQRTUVWXYZ234679',
        'voucherCodesPdfPath' => 'shop/_pdf/voucher',
        'voucherCodesPdfFilenameFormat' => 'Voucher-{number}',
        'pdfAllowRemoteImages' => false,
        'pdfPaperSize' => 'letter',
        'pdfPaperOrientation' => 'portrait',
        'registerAdjuster' => 'beforeTax',
        'attachPdfToEmails' => [],

Configuration options #

  • expiry - Set a default expiry (in months). 0 to disable.
  • codeKeyLength - Set the number of characters for generated codes to be.
  • codeKeyCharacters - Supply valid characters to be used in code generation.
  • voucherCodesPdfPath - Set the path to your PDF.
  • voucherCodesPdfFilenameFormat - Set the defaulf PDF filename format.
  • pdfAllowRemoteImages - Whether to allow remote images in the PDF.
  • pdfPaperSize - Sets the paper size for the PDF.
  • pdfPaperOrientation - Sets the paper orientation for the PDF.
  • registerAdjuster - Controls when the adjuster should be applied. Valid options are beforeTax (default) and afterTax.
  • attachPdfToEmails - A collection of Commerce Email UIDs that Gift Voucher should automatically attach the voucher PDF to.

attachPdfToEmails #

To populate the attachPdfToEmails setting, you'll need the UIDs of Commerce Emails. To determine these, create your Commerce emails, then look up the commerce_emails table in your database. Use the values in the uid column in an array, passing true/false as to whether the PDF should be attached to the email. For example:

'attachPdfToEmails' => [
    'a27c0c16-71c8-422f-a09f-094264876319' => false,
    'd0b374ad-4394-48ea-8ecb-f0efc0bfeec5' => true,

Control Panel #

You can also manage configuration settings through the Control Panel by visiting Settings → Gift Voucher.

Get started with Gift Voucher

Available for Craft 3. Get it from the plugin store.