Auto Redeem Voucher Code#

You might like to set up a particular URL on your site for the customer to visit, and have their gift voucher automatically redeemed (applied) to their cart. Commonly, this might be a URL in an email marketing mailout, or a link directly from their account.

You can facilitate this by creating a template that fetches the voucher code from the URL and applies it on the users' current cart.

{# Set the URL you want to redirect users to afterwards #}
{% set returnUrl = '/' %}

{# Look for a required query param. Feel free to rename this to your needs #}
{% set voucherCode ='voucherCode') %}

{% if not voucherCode %}
    {% redirect returnUrl %}
{% endif %}

{# Check to see if this voucher code is valid #}
{% set success = craft.giftVoucher.getPlugin().getCodes().matchCode(voucherCode, '') %}

{% if success %}
    {% set cart = craft.commerce.carts.cart %}

    {# Apply the voucher code on the cart #}
    {% do craft.giftVoucher.getPlugin().getCodeStorage().add(voucherCode, cart) %}

    {# Update the cart #}
    {% do, false) %}

    {% redirect returnUrl %}
{% else %}
    {# Depending on how you want to handle errors... #}
    {% redirect returnUrl %}
{% endif %}

The above shows an example template. For this example, let's say we've created this in /templates/apply-voucher, resulting in the URL https://yoursite.craft/apply-voucher?voucherCode=XXXXXXX. You'll notice we're supplying the voucher code as a voucherCode query param.

Stepping through the code, we first set a URL we want to redirect to, if all goes well. Then, check for the voucherCode query param in the URL, which we should check is actually provided.

Then, we use Gift Voucher's matchCode function to check the validity of the provided code. If all goes well, we apply the voucher to the cart using add() and then update the cart to reflect the discount. Finally, the user is redirected to the URL you specify.

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