Icon Sets#

You can register your own Icon Sets to add support for third-party remote services, or even extend the existing Icon Set functionality.

use modules\IonicIconSet;

use verbb\iconpicker\events\RegisterIconSetsEvent;
use verbb\iconpicker\services\IconSets;
use yii\base\Event;

Event::on(IconSets::class, IconSets::EVENT_REGISTER_INTEGRATIONS, function(RegisterIconSetsEvent $event) {
    $event->iconSets[] = IonicIconSet::class;


The below shows an example of using Ionicons (opens new window).

namespace modules;

use verbb\iconpicker\base\IconSet;
use verbb\iconpicker\models\Icon;

use Craft;

class IonicIconSet extends IconSet
    public static function displayName(): string
        return Craft::t('icon-picker', 'Ionicons');

    public function fetchIcons(): void
        // Add your icon definitions here...
        $icons = [
            // ...

        // Add them ad "Icon" models to the icon set
        foreach ($icons as $icon) {
            $this->icons[] = new Icon([
                'type' => Icon::TYPE_CSS,
                'value' => 'icon ion-md-' . $icon,

        // Add the remote CSS to rendering
        $this->fonts[] = [
            'type' => 'remote',
            'name' => 'Ionicons',
            'url' => 'https://unpkg.com/[email protected]/dist/css/ionicons.min.css',

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