Social Login

Add SSO (Single Sign-On) support to your site to let your users login or register via their own social media accounts like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple and loads more.

Front-end and control panel login

Give your users the option to login to their social accounts on the front-end, or to login to Craft itself.

Login, Register or both!

Give your users the option to login-only, or create a Craft user account automatically when logging in.

Stacks of providers

Social Login supports 60+ social media providers, with developer support for additional third-party providers.

Pulling in user profiles

Social Login can also populate user accounts in Craft when registering a new user. Pull in name, avatar date of birth and lots more.


You'll have full control over how the buttons look for both the front-end and control panel login.

Easy API usage

Once users are authenticated, you can easily make calls to the API the user is connected to, to fetch more data for all sorts of use cases.


It's not just login — you can add a "connect" button to user accounts to allow linking their social accounts with the Craft profile.

Get started with Social Login

Available for Craft 4 and 5. Get it from the plugin store.