Social Login Pricing

Our pricing is designed to be simple and affordable no matter your budget.
Standard edition
$ 59
  • 1 year of updates and support
    $39 renewal every year after

All pricing is in USD, and requires payment via the Craft Plugin Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions - we've got the answers!
How long does a license last for?

A single license offers 1 year of updates and support. Once this is up, you can continue to use the plugin, but will not receive updates or support. To extend this, you'll need to renew your license each year at a discounted rate.

What are renewals and how do they work?

Renewals are a way to keep your plugin updated but at a discounted price. Renewals are totally optional.

For example, a plugin from us may be $99 with $49 as the renewal. That initial $99 gives you support and updates for 1 year after that purchase. When renewal time comes around, you can get another 1 year of updates and support for the renewal price of $49, instead of the full $99 amount.

Do I have to renew my license each year?

Nope! You can renew the license when you need it after the initial 1 year of support has finished. Your plugin will continue working just fine. If you wanted to, you could wait until the following year to renew the plugin for the latest updates.

We wouldn't recommend to never update the plugin as you'll be missing out on new features and fixes. That would be like driving a car that's never had its battery or oil changed. That'd be bad, Mkay?

Can I test Social Login before I buy?

Yep! Just like Craft itself, you can test Social Login on any non-public domain name indefinitely. This might be your local development server, or a staging server. You only need to purchase a license when your site goes live (just like Craft).

How many sites does a license cover?

A Social Login license only needs to be purchased for every Craft license you have. So if you have a Craft multi-site on a single install, you only need one license. Essentially, it's just like Craft!

What about multi-site, different domains, sub-directories, etc?

That's all covered by the same license. In fact, we follow Craft's own license enforcement.

Do you offer any discounts?

On a case-by-case basis. Please Get in touch to see what we can arrange for you.

How can I install Social Login?

You'll need to follow the installation instructions on the docs.

How can I get support for Social Login?

Visit the Support page for more information.

Got more questions?

Fill out the support form if you have any questions not answered above.
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