For any Super Table, you can choose between 3 layout options - Row, Table and Matrix. This is an option when creating your Super Table field. The Table layout will present fields vertically and in a tabular format - exactly as you'd expect from a Table field. Row on the other hand will present fields horizontally, similar to how a Matrix field works. The Matrix - self-explanatory, shows fields in a Matrix-like layout.

Which layout you choose will likely depend on what sort of fields you have in your Super Table, and the number of fields. For a Super Table containing 4 or more fields, your best option is to use the Row Layout.

Static option#

A Super Table field can be set to be static, which turns the field into a non-repeatable collection of fields. This can be useful for a multitude of cases where you wish to simply group a collection of fields together, and not necessarily have them repeatable.

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