Available Variables#

The following are common methods you will want to call in your front end templates:

craft.events.events({ endDate: '>= now' })#

Returns an Event Query for you to modify and output events.

By default, only current events will be returned when calling craft.events.events(). To change this, use the craft.events.events({ endDate: null }). Events are also ordered from the oldest startDate to the newest, which you can also change with the orderBy parameter.


See Ticket Queries


Returns all purchased tickets based on the provided criteria. See Purchased Ticket


Returns whether a provided Line Item object is a ticket or not.


Returns if there is at least one ticket in the provided order.


Returns a URL to the PDF for this ticket for the provided Line Item object. This will only show tickets for this line item.


Returns a URL to the PDF for all tickets for the provided Order object. This will show tickets for the entire order.


Returns all Event Types available.


Returns all Event Types the current user has permission to.


Returns all Ticket Types available.


Returns all Ticket Types the current user has permission to.

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