This is the simplest usage, and will output an interactive debugger for the variable passed in.

{{ d(entry) }}

{# or #}
{{ d(entry, otherEntry) }}


This works essentially the same way as the built-in Twig dump method, and returns a plain text debugging output.

{{ s(entry) }}

{# or #}
{{ s(entry, otherEntry) }}


Basic reporting of memory usage at the time that the command is run, as well as a timestamp. If used multiple times, it will also report the time since it was last called and average duration. Passing true as an argument will reset the counter.

{{ microtime() }}

You can also reset the counter:

{{ microtime(true) }}


Outputs a PHP backtrace from the point at which the function is called - note, this function uses quite a bit of memory (you should likely set memory_limit 512M, and the output might not be all that helpful, as you are mostly going to be seeing compiled PHP from the Twig templates.

{{ trace() }}

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