Create a navigation.php file under your /config directory with the following options available to you. You can also use multi-environment options to change these per environment.

The below shows the defaults already used by Navigation, so you don't need to add these options unless you want to modify the values.


return [
    '*' => [
        'pluginName' => 'Navigation',
        'bypassProjectConfig' => false,
        'propagateSiteElements' => true,

Configuration options#

  • pluginName - Optionally change the name of the plugin.
  • bypassProjectConfig - Prevents navigations from being saved to Project Config. Be sure you know what you're doing with this!
  • propagateSiteElements - With propagation set to true for a navigation, auto-select the site-specific equivalent of a node for each site's navigation. Set this to false to ensure nodes of the chosen site are the same across all your multi-site menus.

Control Panel#

You can also manage configuration settings through the Control Panel by visiting Settings → Navigation.

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