DHL Express

How to get API access #

Register for API credentials via the DHL Express XML Developer Portal website. Use thse API credentials in the provider information either through the control panel, or in the configuration file.

Services #

DHL doesn't offer a set list of services for you to enable or disable as required. Services are automatically returned based on the matching criteria with your shipping origin and destination.

Configuration #

Add the following code to your configuration file under the providers array, as per the below. Note that to disable certain services, simply omit them from the services array.

'providers' => [
    'dhlExpress' => [
        'name' => 'DHL Express',

        'settings' => [
            'username' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
            'password' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
            'account' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
            'useTestEndpoint' => true,

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