In order to use Fastway, you'll need to ensure you are using a valid Australian address as your store location. You'll also need to ensure your Craft Commerce default currency is set to AUD.

Connect to the Fastway API#

  1. Go to Fastway Developers Centre and register for API access.
  2. Copy the API Key from Fastway and paste in the API Key field below.


The below service are available with Fastway for domestic customer destination addresses.

  • Road Parcel (Red)
  • Road Parcel (Green)
  • Local Parcel (Brown)
  • Local Parcel (Black)
  • Local Parcel (Blue)
  • Local Parcel (Yellow)
  • Shorthaul Parcel (Pink)
  • National Network A2 Satchel
  • National Network A3 Satchel
  • National Network A4 Satchel
  • National Network A5 Satchel


Add the following code to your configuration file under the providers array, as per the below. Note that to disable certain services, simply omit them from the services array.

'providers' => [
    'fastway'  => [
        'name' => 'Fastway',

        'settings' => [
            'apiKey' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',

        'services' => [
            'RED' => 'Road Parcel (Red)',
            'SAT_NAT_A2' => 'National Network A2 Satchel',

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