New Zealand Post#

In order to use New Zealand Post, you'll need to ensure you are using a valid New Zealand address as your store location. You'll also need to ensure your Craft Commerce default currency is set to NZD.

Connect to the New Zealand Post API#

  1. Go to New Zealand Post and login to your account. Complete the commercial access form.
  2. Request API access for an application.
  3. Once access have been granted, click “add a new application”.
  4. Include OAuth 2.0 grant type "Client Credentials Grant".
  5. Navigate to your application.
  6. Copy the Client ID from New Zealand Post and paste in the Client ID field in Postie.
  7. Copy the Client Secret from New Zealand Post and paste in the Client Secret field in Postie.
  8. Copy the Site Code from New Zealand Post and paste in the Site Code field in Postie.


New Zealand Post doesn't offer a set list of services for you to enable or disable as required. Services are automatically returned based on the matching criteria with your shipping origin and destination.


Add the following code to your configuration file under the providers array, as per the below. Note that to disable certain services, simply omit them from the services array.

'providers' => [
    'newZealandPost' => [
        'name' => 'New Zealand Post',

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