A Provider is a shipping provider used for shipping your packages. Depending on your shipping needs will determine which service you'd like to use, and currently Postie supports the following providers:

Is your provider not in the list above? Contact us, and we'd love to add your provider to Postie.

Each provider has the following settings available to configure.

API Settings

Every provider will require different API settings, so this section will change depending on the individual provider. See each Shipping Provider for more details.


You can set up a markup for every provider, which is useful to cover packing costs or other incidental costs. You can select this value to be either a Percentage or Value.

Choose Percentage if you want to add a markup based of the total order price. Add a markup rate between 1 and 100 to calculate a percentage.

Choose Value if you want to add just a pure value at top of the total order price. For example, "5" for $5 dollars.

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